Microwave Radio Links

Microwave Links – Designed for Digital Video backbone

Thanks to a state of the Art QAM Modem fully developed in Italy our microwave links have modulation schemes from 4 up to 1024 QAM. One of the more interesting specification is the spectral efficiency, which permits to increase and optimize the transmitted power over the bandwidth in order to improve the link budget. We provide Logical Interface Units which provide ASI, IP and/or G.703 inputs. The links are available in mono-directional, bi-directional and TRI-directional configurations with independent frequency bands on the same equipment for each direction. Modular architecture in Full-Indoor or Split-Mount solutions, with the possibility to dramatically increase the output power with an HPA booster, providing higher performance in difficult link-budget situations.
⇒Available in 6L, 6U and 10GHz bands as well as from 2 to 38GHz.
⇒Dual Power Supply AC / DC and protected 1+1 ready with hitless and seamless switches.
⇒Special unique triangle redundancy, to provide state of the art link robustness.
⇒Remote web management through SNMP and web browser.