TVRO SAT Parabolic Antennas

The satellite antennas for receiving and/or transmitting earth stations manufactured by IRTE are configured as prime-focus or Cassegrain antennas. Special trailer-mounted versions have been designed for custom projects, with a folding reflector to be contained within the maximum size allowed by road traffic regulations. The feed-horns, can be supplied with input and outputs in the two linear polarizations and with filters capable to give input/output decoupling values higher than 70 dB. The standard production includes reflectors with diameter of up to 4 m. It is always possible to custom-design and manufacture antennas in configurations different from those indicated (offset, Gregorian, etc), as well as the production of feed-horns in whichever combination of polarization either linear or circular. Datasheet: Ø 2.0 m | Ø 1.2 m | Ø 0.85 m offset