Broadcasting Antennas & Components

IRTE design department is available for all our customers especially for TV and Radio Broadcaster to customize and optimize the antenna systems for the single necessities. WINANT and COVERPATH are the most common softwares used to perform this critical task but the most important point is the know-how and territory knowledge. Each antenna system is designed to perform under the most stringent conditions. Our Quality control office tests and verifies each component and all the system assembly. The new Circular Polarization UHF Panel I230-EC (8 dipoles) as well as the traditional Horizontal and Vertical Polarization dipoles antenna panels are the most famous IRTE product worldwide. In parallel IRTE design and manufacture also other antenna types like VHF and FM panels and Yagi completed with power dividers and cables.

Freq. MHzTypeDescriptionPolarization/Notes 
UHF 470-806Power Dividersup to 60 kW rms Power InputEIA 7/8", 1-5/8", 3-1/8", 4-1/16", 6-1/8"Download Datasheet
UHF 470-806I230EV-24 Dipoles PanelVerticalDownload Datasheet
UHF 470-806I230EH4 Dipoles PanelHorizontalDownload Datasheet
UHF 470-790PUH72000-PUHX20002 Dipoles PanelHorizontal/VerticalDownload Datasheet
UHF 470-806I230EC4 Dipoles PanelElliptical/Linear (Adjustable Polarization)Download Datasheet
UHF 470-750XA244400Omnidirectional AntennaVertical Pol.Download Datasheet
UHF 470-700SUM38001Compact Antenna
WideCardioid Pattern
Elliptical/Linear (Adjustable Polarization)Download Datasheet
UHF 470-700SUM38002Compact Antenna
NarrowCardioid Pattern
Elliptical/Linear (Adjustable Polarization)Download Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108YFV740004 elements YagiHorizontal/VerticalDownload Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108YFV730023 elements YagiHoriz./Vert. w/1-5/8" OptionDownload Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108YFL17000-YFL770007 Elements Log PeriodicHorizontal/VerticalDownload Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108Power Dividersup to 70 kW Power InputEIA 7/8", 1-5/8", 3-1/8", 4-1/16"Download Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108PFV72000-PFVX2000Panel 2 DipolesHorizontal/VerticalDownload Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108PFV71000Single Dipole PanelVerticalDownload Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108PFM74000-PFMX4000Mixed Pol. 4 dipoles PanelElliptical/Circular/ LinearDownload Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108NFV71001-NFV11001Dipole (Inox)VerticalDownload Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108YFV72000Dipole with reflector (Inox)VerticalDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-240PVM74000-PVMX4000Mixed Pol. 4 dipoles PanelElliptical/Circular/ LinearDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-240PVH740004 Dipoles PanelHorizontalDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-240PVH720002 Dipoles PanelHorizontal/VerticalDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-240NVV72000Collinear 2 DipolesVerticalDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-200OVV72000Omnidirectional 4 Dipoles VerticalDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-200YVV76001-YVV760026 elements YAGIHorizontal/VerticalDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-200YVV75001-YVV750025 elements YAGIHorizontal/VerticalDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-200YVV74001-YVV740024 Element YagiHorizontal/VerticalDownload Datasheet
DAB/VHF 174-240Power Dividersup to 35 kW Power InputEIA 7/8", 1-5/8", 3-1/8"Download Datasheet
FM 87.5 -108NFVX1001-1Dipole (Inox)VerticalDownload Datasheet